Quotes I was really impressed with Dana's level of professionalism and was blown away with how well prepared she was. I truly believe the conversations & preparations made with Dana allowed me to relax & begin to mentally & physically give in to the process. Long before I thought I needed anything, she seemed to have an intuition that really surprised me. I laughed with her some time afterwards that she seemed to me in the midst of my contractions to be some sort of "labor fairy" with a magical bag of goodies! In the transition phase, again I was floored how involved she became & seemed to have no qualms about being "on the front lines" while I was feeling ill. Dana's voice remained calm & reassuring, and I felt safe & focused looking into her eyes. I honestly can't speak highly enough about Dana's passionate loving service as a doula. I recommend her services to anyone who desires a smooth labor/delivery! Quotes
Julie Sadler
Blown Away

Quotes Passionate, knowledgeable, calm, encouraging, these are just a few of the words that come to mind when I think of Dana! She was so well prepared for any situation that came up during the birth of my grandson. Not only was she a great support to my daughter, but to me and my son-in-law as well, as she guided us on how we could be the most helpful during labor and delivery! She was able to give information quickly and in an understanding manner in order to help my daughter stay focused and make decisions that would effect the outcome of the birth! Thanks to Dana's support and encouragement, not just at the birth but before and after, my daughter had the birth experience she had been hoping for! Thank you Dana! Quotes
Renee Gallian
Cole's Nana

Quotes We weren't planning on having a doula (and I barely knew what a doula was!) until we learned that our friend Dana was a doula! I asked her to work with us, and she agreed to! Dana is very knowledgeable and professional. More than that, though, her calm spirit and ability to relay important information to me about what my options were during every stage of a long and hard labor was just what I needed!! Dana did not leave my side during 30 hours of labor. Besides my husband, she was the one person that I felt that I needed to have by my side. Her voice was the only voice I heard--I was "in the zone" for a looong time. :o) She used so many techniques to help me with pain, those of which I think I would have been miserable without! When we have our next baby, I will DEFINITELY want Dana to be with us. The fee that she charges is VERY fair. No matter how long your labor, she will never lose her upbeat and calming nature, and she will not leave your side. Quotes
Bethany Mitchell
Blessed Mommy

Quotes So many times during this labor I witnessed things that just didn't happen with the birth of our 1st 4 children. I attribute all of these things to the fact that we had a doula for the 1st time. Not just a doula~ but a very knowledgeable, caring and passionate Doula! Dana had so many tricks to assist in the labor and delivery that helped my wife achieve the birth experience she had always wanted. She added a peace in the room, and a comfort because of her knowledge on the subject. The way she responded to each situation was non confrontational, very calm and reassuring. I would recommend Dana as a Doula. She has a natural gift, and she will bless whomever calls on her services in the future. Quotes
John Sadler
A very happy husband and father

Quotes Dana is amazing! I was determined to make my second labor and delivery a wonderful all natural experience, and could not have accomplished that goal without her support. She was with me every step of the way, even weeks before delivery when she thoroughly researched the different "complications" of my pregnancy. During labor she used a variety of techniques to help me, including coaching me with breathing and massaging pressure points. Her knowledge about labor and delivery interventions really assisted me in making decisions both before and during the birth of my baby. I will be calling her when baby #3 comes along and would definitely recommend her services to any expecting mama! Quotes
Melyssa West